About Us

Shoshone Medical Center is a 25 Bed Critical Care hospital offering full service acute and rehabilitative patient care and physician staffed 24/7 emergency services. Patients who are recovering from surgery or stroke will benefit from the comprehensive menu of in-house services offered in the “Swing Bed” Program. The radiology department offers CT, MRI, ultrasound and general x-ray and functions under the supervision of a Board Certified Radiologist. The laboratory is certified by the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare as well as CLIA, CAP, API and AAB and offers rapid service with same day results. Outpatient Services include infusion services, sleep order evaluations and physical, speech and occupational therapies. Chemo therapy is offered at SMC as prescribed by physicians in the Kootenai Cancer Center. All this service is offered by professional staff who are committed to your continued good health.


To Provide Excellence in Healthcare


A valley-wide healthcare system that assures the provision of quality services


To Assure that quality healthcare services are provided locally
To Assure continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system
To Comply with all rules, regulations and guidelines
To Provide for the integration of services with regional healthcare systems
To Focus on a culture of safety and fiscal responsibility throughout the organization
To Provide resources for facilitating wellness awareness and promoting community health education
To Integrate services with physicians and other community healthcare providers

DNV Accredited

2004 – A New Hospital


Once again, a facility that was the best of the best when it was initially built had become obsolete and could no longer adequately house the services or technology of the new millennium. District Trustees had foreseen the need to update and struggled with the reality of less than cost reimbursement, low patient census and decreased insurance payments. They practiced due diligence by obtaining opinions from independent firms about the feasibility of remodeling or new construction. It was duly noted that the construction of the 1958 hospital was truly excellent, thereby making it very difficult and costly to remodel.

Several milestone events worked in the favor of this project. The federal government recognized the importance of small rural hospitals and the fact of their financial struggles. Legislation was passed to form a Critical Access Hospital designation which allowed rural hospitals with 25 beds or less to receive cost based reimbursement for services provided. The Board of Trustees researched this new category and determined it would be wise to achieve CAH status which was granted in 2001. In another governmental effort to assist rural hospitals, the Federal Housing Authority developed a program titled the 242 Mortgage Insurance Program which would guarantee facility replacement loans. These events, along with the leadership and expertise provided by the hospital management team from Quorum Health Resources, were instrumental in the reality of a new hospital.

After an incredibly lengthy application process, approval was received by the 242 Mortgage Insurance Program, financing was obtained from The US Department of Housing and Urban Development and a loan granted by the Idaho Health Facilities Authority. These events all came together in June 2003. Sight preparation began immediately with actual construction beginning in September 2003.

This program would not have happened without the total support of the community, the Medical Staff and hospital family, the dedication and persistence of the Chief Executive Officer at that time, Mr. Gary Moore, and the commitment of the Board of Trustees.

Financing Provided by The US Department of Housing and Urban Development through the FHA 242 Mortgage Insurance Program

Loan Issued by Idaho Health Facilities Authority
Mortgage Banker, InnoVative Capital
Construction Manager, MCG, Medical Construction Group, Inc.
Architects, JJCA, Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects,PC
Program Manager, AHFD, American Health Facilities Development, LLC

Government Overview

Shoshone Medical Center is part of West Shoshone Hospital District #1 which is a tax-based hospital district in Shoshone County formed in 1952. The district is governed by a seven member board of trustees with district elections held every two years. Trustees serve six year terms.


Shoshone Medical Center has a long history of being certified by The Joint Commission. In 2012, SMC received NIAHO certification (National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare) by DNV and is currently striving for ISO-9001 certification which is an international quality management system. SMC has been consistently certified by Medicare and Medicaid.

District Owned Facilities

  • Shoshone Medical Center: 25 Jacobs Gulch, Kellogg ID
  • Health & Education Center: 858 Commerce Drive, Smelterville, ID
  • Commercial Building, office space: 204 Oregon Street, Kellogg, ID
  • Pinehurst Medical Clinics: 107 Church Street and 301 S. Division, Pinehurst ID
  • Kellogg 4 plex: 25 Robinson Avenue
  • Kellogg 3 plex: 239 E. Riverside
  • Kellogg office space: 205 E. Cameron Avenue

Board of Trustees

Rick Brooks, Chairman | Term expires May 2021
Susan Dahlberg, Vice-Chair | Term expires May 2017
Joan Head, Secretary | Term expires May 2019
Nathan Wendt, Treasurer | Term expires May 2019
Frank Smith, Trustee | Term expires May 2017
Jerry Cobb, Trustee | Term expires May 2021
Rhonda Seagraves, Trustee | Term expires May 2021

Operations Team-2015 003Administration Team

Jerry Brantz, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer
Beth Bates, RN, Chief Nursing Officer
Mary Bren, Director Financial Operations
Justin Custis, Director Facility Management