Shoshone Medical Center (SMC) offers a specialized Post-Acute Rehabilitation Program for patients leaving a hospital who need to increase strength and independence before returning home. Whether you are a patient at SMC or any other hospital or surgical center, you may be able to receive your treatment here, closer to home.  Please call and see how you can qualify or tell your healthcare professionals that you wish to come to our Post-Acute Rehabilitation program (previously called a Swingbed program).

Post-Acute Rehabilitation is designed to help patients recovering from surgery, injury, or illness such as:

  • Joint replacement or injury
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Accident recovery
  • Complex wounds
  • Major surgeries
  • Major infections

SMC has comprehensive physical, speech and occupational therapy provided daily. We also have an enhanced Activity Program that includes crafts, games, community lunches, and other activities that promote mental, emotional, and physical recovery.

Let your family, doctor, case manager or discharge planner know that you want to come to SMC for your surgical or illness rehabilitation.  For more information, please call

(208) 784-1221, Ext. 339