Your time and convenience are important to us so we have compiled a list of things that will help you with the registration and billing process:


  • Please bring a Copy of your Insurance Card
  • Social Security # – Driver’s License – Emergency contact information
  • Insurance Co-Pays are due at time of Service
  • Deductible is due at the time of service if applicable
  • Registration Form – The Registration staff will help you complete a registration form. You will be asked to review this information each time you register as people move, get married, change employers- life happens and things change
  • Consent Form – this consents to your treatment and also authorizes the hospital to release medical information regarding your hospitalization to the insurance carrier listed on your account. Additional consent forms may be needed if you are having surgery or another special procedure.
  • Identification bracelet – at the time of registration an ID bracelet will be placed on your wrist. This is for your safety and clearly identifies you throughout your stay. Please do not remove it until you have left the hospital.
  • Minors – permission for treatment of minors must be signed by parents or legal guardians
  • Valuables – Please leave your valuables at home or with a family member
  • SMC is a smoke free campus – including e-cigarettes. If you smoke, let your doctor know and a nicotine patch can be provided for you


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SMC has a very experienced staff in the billing office. They understand and can explain insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and the billing process. We also have a person whose sole job is to assist you with the new insurance exchanges and with the county financial assistance program.

This shoppable and all services price list is based on information we have gathered from our claims and insurance payment files. This is not a guarantee of what you will be charged. Your actual charges may differ from the estimated charges for many reasons, including the seriousness of your medical condition, actual time the procedure takes and the services and supplies that you receive. If you have insurance, your benefits will ultimately determine the amount you owe (including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums).

The shoppable or all services price list was developed to help you determine the potential cost for services only.
If you proceed with services at Shoshone Medical Center, you may be given a new estimate with more accurate cost and out-of-pocket information. Please contact our Financial Counselor at 208-784-1221 ext. 335 for more information. It is helpful for you to know the description of the service you are requesting a price estimate for, so that you may give it to our Financial Counselor to assist them in acquiring the cost estimate.

Shoshone Medical Center shall not be liable for any difference between charges listed in the price lists and the final bill for services. You may be eligible for financial assistance under Shoshone Medical Center financial assistance policy. Financial hardship is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: these lists do not include any additional charges such as physician fees, radiologist, anesthesiologist, laboratory fees, and other non-facility charges. Shoshone medical Center is not able to estimate costs for these additional, external services. Your service’s actual billed charges will vary based on individual diagnosis, time of stay complications, prescriptions, etc. Total outpatient cost is determined by your individual insurance coverage.

Payment Plans, Credit Cards and Financial Assistance

• Master Card, Visa, American Express accepted
• Payment Plans available
• Financial assistance through State for qualified applicant
• Financial Counselor available to help with any of these choices (208) 784-7017 ext. 335

You may also receive bills from separate doctors or providers who cared for you while you were in SMC such as radiology. These are not included in your SMC statements.

SMC PROVIDES Assistance with Insurance Exchanges and State Financial assistance applications

Call Us!!!

Please call any of our experienced billers to talk about your bill or answer any questions.

  • Medicaid/Veterans: 208-784-1227
  • Medicare: 208-784-4606
  • Commercial Insurances: 208-784-1450
  • Blue Cross/Regence: 208- 784-1229
  • Billing Manager: 208-784-1228

In accordance with CMS guidelines for hospital pricing transparency, SMC provides the ability to download our chargemaster in a machine-readable format. We understand that such information is complex and recommend calling Shoshone Medical Center for any questions you may have related to charges or estimated charges for future services. You may contact our patient engagement specialist at 208-784-7017 x335.