The Shoshone Medical Center Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization committed to obtaining funding to help meet the healthcare needs of the Silver Valley by providing equipment, services, and education to Shoshone Medical Center and the community it serves.

The Foundation hosts multiple fundraisers throughout the year to support various health-related causes and provide scholarships within the Silver Valley. If you would like more information or to find out how you can get involved, please reach out to Adilynn Flanagan, at [email protected] or  208-784-1221 ext. 556

All gifts are tax-deductible. Donations of any amount are always welcome and may be sent to:

SMC Foundation
25 Jacobs Gulch
Kellogg, ID 83837

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The Foundation Board meets the third Wednesday of every month (excluding July and December) at 12:15pm at Shoshone Medical Center:  25 Jacobs Gulch Rd., Kellogg, ID in the Classrooms. This is an open meeting and guests are always welcome to attend. We are always looking for new volunteers and members to help with any one of our many fundraising and community engaging events!


SMCF Scholarships are offered to Silver Valley students who are continuing their education in a health-related field.  Additionally, the Joan Head Scholarship fund that began in 2017 benefits SMC employees who are pursuing further education in health care.

SMCF Scholarship Application

Supporting our Community Hospital

The Foundation continues to assist the hospital in funding items that are greatly needed and support Shoshone Medical Center’s mission to provide excellence in healthcare. In February 2023, we hosted a Heart Ball to raise money for new defibrillators for the hospital. These defibrillators provide many functions to help patients, including;

  • Stationary and portable cardiac monitoring with a screen so the medical team can see the patient’s cardiac rhythm in real time;
  • Synchronize exactly with the heartbeat of the patient, making the delivery of an electric shock safer and more effective;
  • Function as an external pacemaker, helping the heart to temporarily beat at a normal rate until their medical condition improves or the patient  can receive an implanted pacemaker.

With help from the community and a grant provided through the Shoshone County Grant Administration program, the Shoshone Medical Center Foundation is planning to purchase three defibrillators.  These are placed in patient care areas throughout the hospital so they are readily available when needed.

The next fundraiser the Foundation will hold for the Shoshone Medical Center and the community will be a “Summer Wine” event that will take place in August.

Call 208-784-1221 ext 556 for more information.