Our highest priority at SMC is the health and safety of our community. We are striving to stay current and adaptable as this situation is ever-evolving.

Thank you again for your understanding as we diligently work on preparing and protecting our patients and health care professionals against the COVID-19 virus.

Below are some links that will be able to answer some of your questions, as well as inform you with current information.

Panhandle Health District has established a call center where the public can ask questions regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), or if you are experiencing symptoms.

The phone number is (877) 415-5225. You will also find current information on their website:  https://panhandlehealthdistrict.org/covid-19/

We want you to know that we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we have implemented visitor restrictions, as well as screenings upon arrival to our facility. The visitor restrictions and screenings will be in place at all of our facilities until further notice.

Each patient will be allowed one (1) visitor in a 24-hour time period. Additionally, a visitor will not be allowed for patients under evaluation for COVID-19 or who have tested positive unless the patient is imminently at the end of their life. Until COVID-19 no longer poses a public health threat, all patients and visitors will be screened.  Visitors must be 18 years of age and agree follow staff instructions regarding handwashing, the use of personal protective equipment and staying in the patient’s room during their visit.

We require that all visitors and patients wear a face covering in our facilities. You will be provided with a mask if needed.

Limited exceptions include young children and individuals that have a written doctor’s exemption

Thank you again for your understanding as we diligently work on protecting our patients and caregivers against the COVID-19 virus.

Guidelines to the public:

  • Stay home if you’re sick – even if symptoms are mild.
  • Practice good personal hygiene habits, including wearing a mask in public settings, handwashing, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.